How does oOze Talent Management work?

oOze are extremely selective with the talent we take onto our books.
We will only take on those we honestly feel have a good chance of getting work. Once we receive your application, you will receive a response either way within 10 working days.
Should you or your child be deemed potentially suitable for the agency, you will be contacted with full details of the next step.
For children 4yrs and over, you and your child will be invited into the office for a FREE OF CHARGE short assessment or invited to do a skype assessment.

The assessment gives the agency the chance to have a face to face to assess and discuss your child's suitability and answer any further questions you may have, as well as observe your child and their overall behaviour, similar to that of an average casting session. You will be informed of the agency's decision in writing at the end of the day of the assessment.
For babies under 4 yrs, we do not need to personally meet your child for an assessment, as babies and toddlers are obviously changing each and every day and therefore this is not relevant for us or our clients. However, the agency is of course happy to arrange an appointment to meet with us should you wish, before making a decision.

All parents should thoroughly read the FAQ's and How to Apply pages on our website so that they are sure their child is suitable for the industry. The agency\'s decision is final. During the periods of our books being opened, oOze may carry out casting workshops or virtual castings in order to recruit its new faces to the agency. Talent are required to perform a monologue or piece and the agency will be able to assess their potential.

Does oOze charge any fees and how does this work?

Should your child be accepted to join the agency, although we do not charge registration fees or joining fees\', we recommend that your child be apart of a digital publication used to further showcase and promote them to the industry in the UK, Europe and the US, much like the publication from Spotlight however interactive and far more functional. The cost for the digital publication is £100 per year. There are a number of highly credible publications we use as tools to find you work, these are all optional and some you may already have, such as Spotlight, Casting Call Pro, 800 Casting, Equity etc. Upon request we can register you and give further information on each of these. All children over 2 years are required to have professional photographs, while we do not take any photograph, we can recommend professionals or if you have existing photos, we are happy to use those.
Babies under two years old are not required to have professional photographs taken for the website, unless the parent wishes, as they are of course changing so often. Parents of babies on our books will be required to send in clear snapshots on a regular basis. We can arrange photographic sessions from outsourced studios at special rates for all our members if and when they are required (optional).

Are there any fees for adult actors/actresses/models?

No, however once you are represented by oOze you are given recommendations in order to assist in making your development, experience and skills grow. We do however make recommendations of resources proven to be credible in the industry.
As a model, we recommend that you begin to put together a portfolio which will assist in selling you to the clients on castings/go sees which we can assist you with as well as composite cards (both actors and models) and headshot sessions where applicable. We believe in investment in yourself hence our recommendations are never deemed as unnecessary. We however provide additional services that are an option to you. The agency recommends anyone with modelling potential to its sister company Models 22 who will assess you separately.

How does the agency earn?

The agency earns from commission. We take 18% -25% commission on all fees (excluding travel expenses). As we do not charge high registration fees, it is therefore clearly in the agency\'s best interest to secure you or your child work.

Once my child is registered with the agency, are they guaranteed work?

Unfortunately not! No agency could possibly guarantee work, as they have no idea whatsoever what work will come into their offices from one day to the next, so will never know in advance who a client may select for their assignment. If an agency tells you they can guarantee your child work, then avoid them at all costs!

What happens once my child is registered with the agency?

Once signed, you will be assigned a booker who will set you into their 25 day plan and begin putting the talent forward for all assignments you or your child meets the criteria for. As and when a client contacts us to ask to meet the talenty for a casting or book them for a shoot, we will contact you immediately. Sometimes we might contact you beforehand if the client requests us to do so to confirm availability on a number of shortlisted models or maybe to confirm a specific detail. We will not contact you each and every time your child is submitted for work. It is obviously crucial that parents continuously keep the agency informed of any changes whatsoever.

Benefits of oOze Representation

Is An Agent Really Necessary? 
When you decide to enter into the media and entertainment industry, the next step is to decide whether to go it alone or find an agency that wants to work for you. The decision is based on the type of work they are interested in and the qualities, skills and ambition of the talent.
The agency is connected to a number of clients, advertising agencies and photographers who exclusively provide casting breakdowns or require pre casting projects of shortlist talent. Industry professionals are commonly too busy to hold all their castings and rely on our agency\'s software to view our young models or they may provide us with a brief to facilitate them with a shortlist of talent.
Our focus is spent on liaising with the client to ensure we successfully fulfil the briefing and our talent are properly showcased in order to attract and sustain the interest of the client.
An agent is invariably the first to find out about auditions and will ensure that their talent are prepared when going to meet the casting director, producer or director.
Agents will also be the first stop for production companies who are hiring people for extra work in films and television. An agent will be told the number of children that the production company are looking for. If the agent is trusted and has a good relationship with the production company the children will be sent along to work on the day without an audition being required.
Agents have the necessary contacts and provide you with security. Having an agent is the mark of your professional attitude.

What are Performance Licences ?

It is a legal requirement that all talent who undertake paid work in modelling and acting obtain a performance licence from their Local Authority. The application process is the responsibility and is commonly completed by the producer and/or the agency on behalf of the talent. For further information, please speak to your agent.